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Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Harbin'

Maximum height: 25 ft.
(Yet unknown for zone 5)
Maximum diameter: 2 in.
(Yet unknown for zone 5)
Minimum temperature: 0ºF
(The roots are at least 10ºF more hardy.)

Digging season -
We have found that the best time to dig species in the Phyllostachys genus is late October to early November.

We're going with a rating of 0ºF for 'Harbin'. I've seen it listed elsewhere as much more cold hardy. In our experience it is far less cold hardy than others we grow in this genus.

The root system of our grove of P. a. 'Harbin' has withstood -20ºF and produced new shoots the following spring.

That being said, it has top-killed every single winter for us. It does seem to be more tender than most others in our collection.

Although it would not be well suited as an all-season screening plant north of zone 6b/7a, we believe it's worthwhile growing as an ornamental due to its rare and unusual combination of traits.

This unique striped bamboo has multiple grooves and raised ridges around the culms that give it a very striking appearance. It's the tops of the ridges that are striped in yellow.

The recesses of the groves being a dark green further adds to the contrast that further intensifies the visual appeal of the unusual texture of the culms.

This variety has a very limited availability.

We've noticed that 'Harbin' seems to be of smaller stature and has a much slower growth rate than that of 'Harbin-Inversa'.

In our growth trials here at the nursery it has been our observation that this variety has a much slower growth rate than that of any other Phyllostachys species or variety.

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