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Placing an order

You may use our contact page to contact us to place your order or to ask any questions you may have. Email, text, or phone are the best options to reach us.

We offer pre-sale consultation on species selection per your requirements.

When should I order?
The sooner, the better. We can dig orders as soon as October for availability the following June.

We advise orders be placed before April 15th for most species so that we can dig your order before shooting season.

Bamboo cannot be dug during the shooting season.

Please note that the production time between digging and availability for pickup is at least one to two months, sometimes longer.

You should order in advance of when you will require the plants.

Why is there a waiting period?
Bamboo, when first dug, is too fickle for most non-commercial growers to have success with plants that are immediately out of the ground. So a stabilization period is necessary; typically under timed mist propagation here at the nursery. We make certain your plants are vigorous and ready to grow before pickup!

Bamboo dug in April or sooner is usually ready for pickup in June.

Bamboo dug in June is usually ready for pickup in August or September.

June digs are not always possible and are sometimes halted by summer heat or drought.

While bamboo is drought tolerant once established, it cannot be dug during a drought.

Digging seasons by genus -


Species in this genus need to be dug as soon as the ground thaws in late winter to early spring; late March through mid April. Orders for Arundinaria species need to be placed by March.

Same season as Arundinaria species.
Fargesia dracocephala 'Rufa' is occasionally available. Very limited supply.

Same as for Phyllostachys. See below.

Species in this genus are often dug in June and ready in September. Occasionally the digging season for this genus can begin as soon as April. To be on the safe side, orders for species in this genus should be placed before April 15th.

Species in this genus are usually dug in the early spring. Orders for species in this genus should be placed before April.

We dig species in this genus in November or December. They are dug, potted, and overwintered to be ready for sale the following spring. Orders for species in this genus need to be placed in the fall if you need the plants for the following spring.
We occasionally have Pseudosasa japonica and the variety 'Tsutsumiana' available. Very, very limited supply.

Same season as Pleioblastus. Please see Pleioblastus above.
We occasionally have S. hayatae and S. oshidensis available. Very limited supply.

Same season as Pleioblastus and Sasa.
We occasionally have S. borealis available. Very limited supply.

Visiting the Nursery

Visit and order pickup are by appointment only. Our bamboo nursery is conveniently located outside of Rochester, Indiana and is within driving distance of Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois. Please contact us with any questions you may have or to arrange an appointment.



Terms and Conditions -
We do not ship live plants

Orders of live cold hardy bamboo plants are available for pickup at our nursery location after one to two months of being dug.

Ordering Deadlines
April 15th is often the cut off date for bamboo digging, but it can vary depending on weather during any given year.

Custom Dug Orders and Deposit

All orders are custom dug. We do not carry a potted inventory. We request a deposit in the amount of 50% of the total cost of the order. The remaining 50% is due payment upon pickup when the plants are ready one to two months after being dug. The 50% deposit is non-refundable in case of order cancellation by the customer. The deposit is refundable in case of crop failure. In cases where 100% of the payment has been made in its entirety and the customer cancels the order, only 50% of the final cost is refunded.

We reserve the right to cancel an order at any time and keep the 50% deposit as a digging fee due to:
• lack of payment to hold the stock
• customer fails to establish an appointment for pickup at our request
• customer misses pickup appointment without prior notification and immediate rescheduling

Problems & Complaints

Hard Goods - We try not to make errors, but occasionally they may occur. We must be notified within 24 hours of all problems of receipt of order. We are not responsible for loss or damage to hard goods in transit. Claims of such will have to be filed with the transportation company. Hard goods are your property upon delivery to the transportation company.

Live Plant Material - We offer no warranty, expressed or implied, on plant material. We assume no responsibility after stock leaves the nursery.

We do not replace plants that have failed do to conditions beyond our control such as extreme heat or cold, possible neglect, or lack of experience on the part of the gardener.

Shipping Methods for Hard Goods

We usually ship by UPS ground. If necessary to deliver by an express delivery service additional shipping charges will be required.

Shipping Containers

We will ship items in a suitable container that best suits the items.

Shipping Costs for Hard Goods

Order processing time varies with time of year and work load.

Shipping & Handling Charges

Order total $0.01 - $25.00 shipping $17.00.
Order total $25.01 and up is 65% shipping + $7.25 handling charge.
Extra shipping may apply to heavier items where noted on the site.

If you're in state, local pickup is encouraged.



• All orders are subject to availability.
• Prices subject to change without notice.
• We ship hard goods by UPS or USPS.
• UPS requires a street address.
• Packing & Shipping fees will be added.
• In person, mail, email, or telephone orders accepted.

• cash
• cashier's check
• PayPal
• money order.
• In state purchases are subject to 7% state sales tax.
• By placing your order with us you are acknowledging that you agree to all terms and conditions on this page.

Simply contact us with your complete order list, your full name and address. We will contact you with a confirmation. Once you have a confirmed total you may either mail us your payment or use your credit card to pay through PayPal.

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