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Below are some websites we find helpful.

Japanese Soap
Japanese Soap website featuring our own handmade Japanese soaps. We run this website as well. It's devoted to our handmade soaps featuring traditional Japanese motifs.

American Bamboo Society
The American Bamboo Society was formed in 1979 and is the standard bearer of this increasingly important plant in North America.

Modern Asian Garden, Fountains, Granite Stone, and Garden Lantern Design

Aquatic Gardeners Association
Bamboo is not an aquatic plant, but water filled ditches can be used to prevent its spread because it won't cross water. Those areas can be planted with aquatic plants.

Bamboo Barrier
Here is a link that could prove useful.

As a side note I have mistakenly called barrier plastic EPDM in the past. EPDM is actually pond liner. Don't use that. It won't contain roots.

Barrier plastic is in fact HDPE (high density polyethylene).

Plastics aren't my strong suit. I will attempt to do better to remember this in the future.

I don't know about using adhesive as this site suggests. I would rather see people use the tried and true stainless steel strip clamps.

For the larger Phyllostachys species you will want enclose an area at least 10' to 15' in diameter, or the square foot equivalent, for them to reach their full potential.

How To Attract More To Your Garden (And Why It’s So Important)

Custom Cranes
Custom Origami Paper Cranes for home decor. Available individually or as beautifully framed wall art.

Garden Community
Directory over 100 categories to choose from. Garden Directory over 100 Categories to choose from. Plus Free News Group Access for many Garden Groups, Garden Zone finder, Books, Magazines, Articles, Free Pictures and more.

Guide To Composting
Learn how to make compost, and why improving your soil is the best
thing that you can do for your lawn and garden. is a great site! You can search for roses, clematis, and peonies using several search criteria.

Hida Tool and Hardware Co.
Featuring exceptional tools from Japan, Hida Tool is your source for bamboo tools, garden tools, and more.

Honoring the Ancestors - Bamboo Basketry
Arundinaria gigantea page by Robin McBride Scott. She has been doing research on pre-contact river cane Native American basketry for 22 years.

Koi Pond Liner Repair -
Repair your fish pond leaks with pond pro 2000. Pond Pro 2000 is safe for fish and plant life as well as chlorinated water.

To Build A Garden
Your online guide to home gardening.

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