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Sasa kurilensis

Maximum height: 10 ft.
(More often 3 ft. for us)
Maximum diameter: .25 in.
(More often .125 in.)
Minimum temperature: 0ºF
(The roots are at least 10ºF more hardy.)

Species in this genus are usually dug in the early spring. Orders for species in this genus should be placed before April.

This bamboo is the most northern growing bamboo species. It's native to Hokkaido, Japan and even further north into the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin, Russia.

Although it's rated as being only hardy to 0ºF, our plant withstood -20ºF on Jan 30th, 2019 without any mulch or special protection. It did top kill, but returned from its roots in the spring. This species can be grown as a very tropical looking ornamental grass here in zone 5.

The edible shoots of this species are so prized in Hokkaido that the over collection caused the species to dwindle.

This prompted the Japanese government to require anyone wishing to collect its shoots to first obtain a license.

This species is also notable because of potential cancer fighting properties.

The following paragraph is presented for educational purposes only.

A 2004 paper published by Johns Hopkins states, "Both lignin and polysaccharides from Sasa species were reported to have antitumor activity. In particular, two polysaccharide preparations, GK1 and GK2, isolated from Sasa kurilensis negatively affected the growth of Sarcoma-180 implanted in mice."

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