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Pleioblastus simonii

Maximum height: 20 ft.
(More often 3 - 4 ft. for us here in zone 5)
Maximum diameter: 1.5 in.
(More often .25 in. here in zone 5)
Minimum temperature: 0ºF
(The roots are at least 10ºF more hardy. They withstood -20ºF without mulch in January of 2019.)

Species in this genus are usually dug in the early spring. Orders for species in this genus should be placed before April.

This larger Pleioblastus species isn't a rampant runner like the smaller members of this genus.

This species is an exception within its genus when it comes to growth habit. P. simonii behaves much more like a clumping bamboo despite the reputation of the genus being that of running bamboos. This particular species is quite slow to increase.

It can be grown as an ornamental grass here in zone 5 where it regrows from the roots each spring.

The beautiful foliage of this slow-to-spread bamboo can add a tropical look to your favorite area around the patio or the back yard pond.


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