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Indocalamus tessellatus

Maximum height: 8 ft.
(Yet unknown for zone 5, but 3 - 4 ft is expected)
Maximum diameter: .5 in.
(Yet unknown for zone 5)
Minimum temperature: -5ºF
(The roots are at least 10ºF more hardy.)

Species in this genus are usually dug in the early spring. Orders for species in this genus should be placed by April.


This bamboo has the largest leaves of any bamboo species in cultivation.

This bamboo should be sheltered from wind, which can tear and tatter the large leaves.

The leaves can be used to wrap food for cooking. The leaves can be folded into a cone-like configuration, filled with sticky rice or vegetables, and bound with a cotton string for cooking or steaming.

This bamboo is grown as an ornamental grass in zone 5, new growth reemerging from the roots each spring.

Indocalamus tessellatus is one of very few bamboo species that can be grown indoors as well as out. When grown indoors an east or west facing window is preferred.

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