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Giant Pumpkin Seeds

Please understand that buying any seeds is a gamble.

There is no guarantee associated with these seeds; neither expressed, written or implied.

Purchasing and planting these seeds does not guarantee any degree of successful germination or fruit production.

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Giant Pumpkin Seeds for Sale

The seeds offered for sale here are from the exact pumpkin pictured above. It weighed approximately 866 pounds.

We grew this pumpkin here at our nursery during the 2021 growing season.

We will include instructional information on how we grew this pumpkin.

The guide, without seeds included, can also be found on Amazon under the title 'The 866 Pound Pumpkin'.

During germination tests with seeds from this pumpkin we experienced a >90% germination rate. Your results may vary.

1 pack containing 5 seeds $12.00

First class USPS postage is included for the contiguous 48 United States.


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