Long Tailed Fowl, the new book by David Rogers and Toni-Marie Astin.
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David Rogers' Fine Art Prints : Prints, framed, unframed, canvas; several options. Bird prints and many others.

Birds and Flying, My Life in Korea : A blog about rare poultry preservation in South Korea.

Megumi Cattery : Our Japanese Bobtail Cat website. Breeders located in northern Indiana, U.S.A.

Poultry Information Pages : Informational Articles and Sources.

FeatherSite : Scroll down the page a ways to the very useful A-Z chicken breed reference.

Korean Long-Crowers & Long-Tails Preservation Research Association(KLPA) : The preservation center of rare long tail and long crowing fowl in South Korea.

Long-Tail Fowl and Long-Crowing Fowl Discussion forum

Marc King's site about long-tail fowl, long-crowing fowl, and asian game fowl.

Provers 25:25 Mission to Japan

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