Note that all birds on this page are 3 months of age. They have some maturing to do yet, but already show good form.
All images are property of Megumi Aviary and may not be used in any form without the consent of Megumi Aviary.

Onagadori male type

Silver cockerel with Onagadori type. It's blurry when taken through wire,
but you can see the general pose.

Cockerel with good posture and tail angle.

Picture above shows both a good view of the tail and leg position.
Legs could be slightly wider set, but the bird could fill out as it matures.

Photo above shows posture from the side, well depicting the sloping back and placement of legs.
Legs are set 1/2 way back on the body.

Head shape, wattles, ears, eyes, and beak good, but the comb should have five even points.
Please note that all these details are by no means as close in importance to tail and saddle feathering.

Onagadori female type

Female posture is somewhat shorter, but with the same back slope and tail angle.

A better posture pic. Typical female stance.

A good pullet head