Ayam Cemani


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I have been keeping a flock of Ayam Cemani since 2007. The extremely rare fibro melanistic chicken from central Java is not widely known in the United States, but there are small pocket flocks of which the existance is seldom spoken. The hyperpigmentation of this breed is throughout the entire bird. The flesh, meat, internal organs and even the bones all the way to the marrow are black. The meat is said to not only be a delicacy but is even believed to be medicinal. One thing I can say is that it does taste different from other domestic chickens. The meat is more lean with a flavor more like quail than chicken.
From time to time it is normal to hatch a normally pigmented chick. Pure bred Cemani are a land race and haven't been bred to any particular standard. This happens in approximately less than 5% of the chicks.



  Cemani hen

  Cemani flock

  Cemani chick


Above is the leg of a Cemani.

Cemani hen
Cemani rooster

Cemani chicks show the dark pigmentation from the beginning.

Cemani hen on a clutch of eggs in her nest.

Cemani hen

Cemani hen
Cemani hen
Cemani hen face


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