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Welcome... Thanks for checking out my web pages. I have a variety of unique birds. Some are rarely seen here in the USA. I've always liked the odd or the unusual. When I could not attain the birds that I wanted I set out to test birds genetically to see what they were made of. I then try to make my own versions.. Some worked and some were a flop. Even still, all in all over the years I was able to learn the interaction of the e- alleles with other color/pattern effecting genes and how to mix them to make varieties.


Over the years my taste in birds has seemed to change a bit. Although the long-tails have always been my number one. I started to like other breeds and set out to find them. Most were not in the USA. So in 2002 we imported many breeds of birds such as the Denizli, Tomaru, Ohiki, Maylay, Cochin, Ismer German Phoenix, Schubert German phoenix, and others. Marc King of longtail-fowl.com did all of the exporting work on the other side of this project.


Due to a lack of space I asked a couple of friends to take over my breeding projects with a few of these large fowl birds. David Rogers at Megumi Aviary took over the Denizli and Tomaru Long crower's. Aubrey Webb has most of the Large fowl import phoenix at Boggy Bottom Bantams.


The Ohiki have now taken center stage and many varieties were made here at Onagadori-South Feather Farm. There are now Gingers, Blacks, White, Barred, BB Reds, Golds, and I'm sure I'm forgetting something!.. So over the last nine years I carefully blended and tested and now the Ohiki are finally finished. I have several breeders now helping with the Ohiki.. Hopefully soon we can have them in the standard and be able to show the birds.


Several of the other breeds like the English ChocolateĀ Orpingtons, Ko-Shamo, Dun Cochins, Cemani, and the Fibro Phoenix are among the otherĀ bantam breeds I'm enjoying now. I hope you enjoy checking them out... Many thanks. Toni-Marie Astin.


Above: Some of my pens.


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Long Tailed Fowl, the new book by David Rogers and Toni-Marie Astin. Details (link opens in a new window)


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Egg auctions on ebay

My auction list. Availability varies.

Check back often for other listings of rare breed hatching eggs!

Hatching egg policy -

• There is no guarantee on the hatch rate of shipped eggs due to circumstances beyond my control after shipment.

• There is no guarantee that all resulting offspring will look alike due to genetic diversity.

• Some long crowing roosters crow longer than others, and typically only every 5th crow is extremely long due to lung capacity. This is just the way long crowers work.

• Some long tailed roosters grow longer feathers than others.

• Eggs are wrapped securely for shipping.

• Some extras are usually included.

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